Mr Breakfast AKA Tim Lampe - MFBA Spotlight

This is a new feature on the Creative Pep Talk blog where I'll feature a student from my MFBA online course and the project they developed for the class.

Meet art director and multidisciplinary designer Tim Lampe aka Mr. Breakfast. Tim was so essential to the first semester of the Creative Pep Talk MFBA online course. He gave important incite and feedback to the other students and to me! Tim's unique take on optimism and quirky humor shine through everything he makes. It was a joy to watch him dig deep and take his work to the next level!

1 - Could you give us a brief summary of your ‘story’ AKA who you are, what do you do?

I’m Tim Lampe, also known as Mr. Breakfast (just go with it), a casual professional. I’m based in Atlanta, a SCAD graduate and have worked full time for CNN and MailChimp. I’m currently a freelance art director specializing in multidisciplinary work that speaks of feelings and hopefully resonates with brands and consumers. Some selected freelance clients include Slack, Samsung, Netflix, Target, Yik Yak and Tumblr. I’m obsessed with breakfast and I made a project with ice cream sandwiches. I am ready to embrace our world of content creation. 

2 - Tell us about 1 or 2 major breakthroughs in your work.

The biggest thing was realizing how much I think about death and how that surfaces in the work I do. It’s not intentionally about the act of dying, but the rush to create work fast and realizing the absurdity of internet culture when there’s bigger things at stake. The second is a process with client work of creating a joke design first as a means to get loose, but realizing that doing a joke design first can be beneficial to my process. There is genuine expression in that work, and I realized working that into my process made the final work better. I try not to tell clients that I start by creating jokes. 

3 - Tell us about the project you’ve developed in the class.

I’ve been wanting to make a print project for some time that expressed my love for breakfast and the insanity of social media and self-promotion. I decided to work death into there as well, so it’s sort of death, breakfast and curated culture. The project is a satire publication around breakfast featuring original writing, illustrations and photos. Throughout the class I worked on broad expressions of what kind of voice I wanted to express in this magazine. It’s a big collaborative project so I’m past the outline stage and am in the middle of executing on the photo pieces I want and getting illustrations and writing from others. I hope to have a prototype ready in the next month or two. 

4 - What’s your favorite pizza?

This is a real pizza that actually exists in Atlanta but it’s a macaroni and cheese and bacon pizza. It’s a slice the size of your head, loaded up with mac and cheese on top and sprinkled with bacon. It’s an entire meal in a slice of pizza. I highly recommend it. 

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Tim in his own words:
I create things that tell stories and celebrate life.
I also eat ice cream sandwiches.

Classy brands, innovative start-ups, cultural institutions and storytellers alike work with me because of my clever approach to ideas, classic design know-how, and sincere approach to creative output.  I also made a thing about Ice Cream Sandwiches you may have heard of.