Body Text with Carolyn Bouchard - MFBA Spotlight

Next up in our MFBA student spotlight we have Carolyn Bouchard! Carolyn's embroidered lettering is breathtaking and sophisticated, yet human. Carolyn did a phenomenal job developing a project that captured how this work could easily translate into a much larger campaign. I can't wait to see a major company use her ability to customize their message with a needle and thread!

1 - Could you give us a brief summary of your ‘story’ AKA who you are, what do you do?

I am a graphic designer with a fine art background. I have had an almost lifelong interest in sewing, and have experience in tailoring, fabric sculptures, and making embroidered, kind of Nudie Cohn-style stage clothes. I am now seeking to combine my love of embroidery with my knowledge of design through stitched lettering. I am currently working on developing my skills and my voice in this area through a long term stitched lettering project I developed while in the CPT MFBA class.

2 - Tell us about 1 or 2 major breakthroughs in your work?

The first would have to be realizing that the sewing that I am passionate about can merge with, and benefit from, my experience as a graphic designer, and make something more interesting than either of the two on their own. A second would be that stitched lettering was the way to accomplish this, and that it has value that something purely digital does not. The third would be the realization in the MFBA class that stitched lettering on clothing wouldn't have to be about the actual piece of clothing, but could be about the image of the lettering on clothing.

3 - Tell us about the project you’ve developed in the class.

My project is titled "Body Text," and is an embroidered lettering project exploring our complicated relationship with clothing. I plan to make one piece per month throughout all of 2017 (and maybe beyond, if I don't feel like I've said everything I want to say?) Topics will include facts about the clothing industry, simple mending and repairing techniques, money saving, and our fascination with brand names, sizing, and body image.

4 - What’s your favorite pizza?

Hawaiian!!! Everyone acts like they don't like it until it's there, then they want to eat it all :)

Check Out Carolyn's work and follow her project on social media!

In Carolyn's own words:
I am a New York-based graphic designer that sews. I specialize in stitched lettering and designy-illustration.