MotionPictures with Matt Dunne - MFBA Spotlight

'Hidden Figures' by Matt Dunne as part of the his new project 'MotionPictures'

'Hidden Figures' by Matt Dunne as part of the his new project 'MotionPictures'

This is a new feature on the Creative Pep Talk blog where I'll feature a student from my MFBA online course and the project they developed for the class.

To kick things off we have the wonderful Matt Dunne! Matt is an animator / illustrator who specializes in .gifs. Matt is a super good dude. I loved having in our group. He's very easy going and generally just a great dude to have around / to work with. Read below to find out about his new weekly project 'MotionPictures'.

1 - Could you give us a brief summary of your ‘story’ AKA who you are, what do you do?

Sure! My name is Matt Dunne. I'm 24 and I live in Denver, CO. I'm originally from the Chicago area, and I graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2014 with a BFA in Graphic Design. Since graduating, I have primarily worked as a freelance animator and illustrator with studios/clients like: Legwork Studio, Spillt, Taco Bell, Allstate, OTHER Studio,, and Big Teeth Productions. 

In my spare time, I am generally re-watching The Office, reading Kurt Vonnegut books, going to the movies, or playing bass guitar.

'Fantastic Beasts'

2 - Tell us about 1 or 2 major breakthroughs in your work.

I think a major breakthrough that I had during the class has just been growing more confident in my work and myself. Sometimes I get imposter syndrome, or feel like everyone else around me is more skilled than I am, but now I'm starting to understand where I can fit into the creative community and what my strengths are. 

'Rogue One'

'Rogue One'

3 - Tell us about the project you’ve developed in the class.

The project I came up with in the class is called "MotionPictures". In 2017 I'll be seeing a movie every week in theatres and making a looping GIF about it (along with a short review) that will be posted on my instagram and tumblr. I just finished my first month doing it (along with few a test ones I did at the end of 2016) and its been a ton of fun so far. Please follow along if you'd like!



4 - What’s your favorite pizza?

Without question, Giordano's in Chicago. I was raised on deep dish pizza and it will always be a favorite. 

Check Out Matt's work and follow his project on social media!

Matt in his own words:
I’m an animator + illustrator based in Denver, CO. I'm a graduate of Columbia College Chicago and was a member of the first Creative Pep Talk MFBA program. I'm currently working as a freelancer and in my spare time work on MotionPictures, a side-project where I see a new movie every week in 2017 and make a GIF about it.