"It's hard to put into words what this class meant to me. It came at a time in my life when I was going through a lot of changes, and trying to figure out who I was artistically. It felt like fate that Andy started this and that I was accepted just then. It was worth it for the self-discovery alone. But on top of that, we got access to personal attention, advice, and pep talks from Andy himself, meaningful critiques from amazing artists in the industry, and excellent discussion with the others in the class. The steps that Andy guided us through were extremely well thought out. Going through them was such a beneficial experience both professionally and personally, and I'm not exaggerating to say that I will probably use them for the rest of my life. I'm excited to see what comes out of this for me in the next few years, and my only regret is that it's over." 


"The second Andy mentioned MFBA enrollment on Creative Pep Talk, I immediately stopped what I was doing and grabbed my laptop to apply. There are so many gurus and coaches out there, but no one is like Andy. That’s what makes this class so special; Andy’s incredible energy and intense passion will help guide you as you reach deeply into yourself and find your own truth. My art will never be the same after this class. I never realized how much I was hiding and that just being myself could land me the illustration work I wanted. It’s not magic, but it certainly feels that way. With accountability, assignments, feedback, discussions, reviews and guests, you will find that the magic was in you all along, just now you'll want to share it with the world. Thank you, Andy!" 


"Have you done extensive work trying to get to the core of the work you want to do and who you are, but wasn’t able to dig deep enough for a breakthrough? If you’re on that edge, like me, this class is the best step forward. Andy’s class helped me dig deeper than any process I’ve done so far and set me up for one of the most important seasons of my career. If you’ve resonated with Creative Pep Talk at all, this class will take it a step further and make it personal to you. The resources are invaluable, of course, but the secret weapon here is Andy himself. He cares intensely about each person in the class and what they’re digging for, and provides so much support and endless inspiration. The value of the class alone could lie with getting Andy’s eyes on your work and where you want to go with it. The class’s results deepened further from a weekend in-person with Andy and the other classmates. The kind of conversations you’ll have with Andy, the guest speakers and your classmates will build confidence in your voice and where you’re looking to take your career.
If you are on the fence about where you’re at with your work, this might be that one final step to getting to the work you’re supposed to be creating. If you put in the hard work in this class, you’ll absolutely find this to be one of the most rewarding processes. I left the class confident in the next season of my career and the voice I’m developing in my work."


"Andy's CPT MFBA class was one of the best experiences I've had during my creative career. The lessons that Andy taught us allowed me to push my work (and my confidence in it) to new levels and the experience gained from our video chats with the guest artists was incredible. Our class of ten was full of people from completely different backgrounds and I'm so grateful for the community we were able to develop together, both through the class and in person at Creative Works in Memphis. If you are able to commit the time and hard work to this course, I highly recommend it!"


"I was stuck in a daily struggle with my work and completely unsure of how to move forward until I enrolled in the this course. This class provides an invaluable community with other students, critiques from top creatives, in depth discussions, one-on-one pep talks with Andy himself, and a complete overhaul of your mindset needed to jumpstart your career. Andy was able to cut through the confusion and bring clarity to my goals with personalized feedback that pointed me in the right direction. If you are ready to do the work and expand your capacity for success, then I highly recommend this class!"


"The MFBA program is exactly what you need if you are seeking an honest creative breakthrough with your work. Andy’s passion and fire will help you dig deep and root your creative work in something that is authentically you and beyond the superficial. Between the videos, discussions, 1-1 calls, and guest visits, I learned so much about my work and my reason for creating, that he has now set me on a new path with more vigor than every before. Andy helps you connect the dots in your career in a way that feels genuine to who you are as an artist and as a business.
I also can’t recommend enough how crucial it was to the course to meet up in-person, as I truly believe the conversations had IRL are invaluable to my artistic development and breakthrough.
And remember, if Andy selects you to join his pep pack you’ll have a mentor, creative coach, and encouraging dad on your side."


"I love the Creative Talk Podcast, so I had high hopes for the course, but it actually exceeded all my expectations! Not only have I learnt valuable skills to push my career into new directions, but I now have far greater clarity on what inspires me and what I'd like to achieve. 
With the help of Andy's pertinent feedback and advice I have begun to define my unique perspective and approach my work with a new energy and confidence.
I loved the course and would recommend it to anyone at any stage of their creative career."


"This course has taught me how to analyze my work in order to make the most of it and go on the right direction. It has also given me many tips of how to get around in the illustration business world.
I loved its format. It was very well structured, relatable and interesting. 
Getting to know such talented artists was a definitely plus"


"What an amazing experience! I am really stoked to have been part of the first MFBA. What a wild ride. Andy and the steps he outlined in the course challenged us to the very core of how we think about and approach our creative careers.
Before the course I don’t think I really believed that I had something unique to say in my work; or if did I wasn’t sure how to uncover it. After working through the steps and exercises within the MFBA I realised that I have something to say and it feels really personal. That in itself has made this course so valuable to my work and it has been an amazing realisation on a personal level too. I definitely feel more confident heading towards what is next for me.
A big highlight for me was the one on one calls with Andy. Hashing out ideas and taking the time to look a bit deeper, and to gain a better understanding of what motivates me to create more personal and sincere  work. It has given me a nice little reset on my career and I can’t recommend the course enough for people who are looking to push through creative barriers."


"Everyone walks away from Andy's MFBA class with something that they didn't have going in, that's for certain. Perhaps the best part of the whole experience has been the surprise of what that ended up being, for me, a revelation to merge the parts of my work that felt un-connectable. There was a unique part of my perspective that I was completely ready to abandon at the start of MFBA because I couldn't fathom how it made sense in relation to the direction I felt I was going. Lo and behold! I discovered with the help of Andy, my classmates, and our guest speakers that this is where my sweet spot truly lies. 
The MFBA class pushes you to embrace your you-ness, and forces you to ask yourself questions that we hardly ever make time to ask. This experience has made me a huge believer that self reflection can take you to places that you never knew were possible. The structure of Andy's class challenges, uplifts, and is great for anyone who feels an urgency to stir up their approach to making and creating.
My classmates and I have formed a really strong bond, as we all asked ourselves difficult questions, and at different times felt insecure and unsure. This aspect of the class is also so so invaluable. It gives you strength to keep pushing through when you see others doing the same, and creates a built-in support system that you can carry with you even after the class ends.
Thanks Andy! You da best."