Personal Pep Talk - 1 Hour Skype Call

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Personal Pep Talk - 1 Hour Skype Call


Portfolio Review / Art Career Strategy / Career Coaching

One hour call with the Dr. Pizza himself :D

Andy J. Miller will send you preliminary questions, review your portfolio / work and discuss possible solutions for the next big hurdle in your art business.

When you purchase this call, you will be sent a link to schedule your call / answer the personal pep talk questionnaire to fill Andy in on your situation prior to the call.



"I’m still reeling from the call I had with Andy. He’s thought so hard about the best way to figure out a creative career, and obviously cares so incredibly deeply about helping people figure things out. Andy had done thorough research through my publicly available work and answers to a few prerequisite questions, but smartly, he started the call with some curveball questions that helped set the tone for a vulnerable and real conversation. I initially booked a call resigning that even if I gained nothing from it, I’d at least be supporting what Andy’s given away for the last few years for free. My deepest hope though, was to find answers to why I’ve struggled so much and where I need to go in my work. Andy did just that. This call was truly life changing."
- Brookes Eggleston
"Few things in my career have been as helpful and inspiring as the personal Pep-Talk I received from Andy. Not only did it answer questions about simple things I've been doing wrong, like self promotion. Andy's critique also helped me redefine how I approach my illustrations both through strategy and craft. I frequently re-listen to my personal Pep-Talk while planing out my illustration business and consider it one of the best investments i've made towards my career as an editorial illustrator."
- James Olstein
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