233 - From Stand Up in a Living Room to a Role on an NBC TV Show - Comedian Johnny Pemberton

FRIEEEEENDS!!!!!! This is one of my favorite conversations we’ve ever had on the podcast!!!!

Today on the show we have hilarious comedian Johnny Pemberton! You may know Johnny as Bo from the NBC comedy Superstore or the voice of Peanut from the Disney XD show Pickle and Peanut.

Beyond his extensive IMDB credits, Johnny has a phenomenal (and super ridiculous) podcast called “Live to Tape”. From Tim Meadows to Duncan Trussell to Johnny’s Mom to ME, “Live to Tape” has a deep back catalog of conversations with super interesting characters.

I find myself referencing the ideas from this episode ALL THE TIME. You’re gonna love this episode and JOHNNY! GET IN THERE!


Andy J. Pizza on Johnny’s Podcast “Live to Tape”

Del Close

Sleepy Brittany - Johnny’s Wife’s Illustration

John Cleese on Creativity



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