230 - The Number 1 Most Essential Tactic I Used to Build My Creative Career

Don't you just love that moment the trailer drops for a sequel you've been dying to see?

That huge secret drop moment is so sexy we all fantasize about replicating this moment in our own creative work.

But the problem is if no one cared about your 'first film' no one's gonna be stoked about your super top secret trailer for movie 2 when you drop it.


If an album drops on the internet and no one's there to hear it, does it make a sound?

NO. It doesn't.

That's why you need to quit sitting on your creative ideas.

Perfecting that piece in the dark isn't going to make that album or book drop more successful if no one is watching.

In this episode I want to detail a process where you create at the same time you're learning and at the same time you're marketing and gaining attention for your work.


Lauren Hom

Russell Brand on the Joe Rogen Podcast



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