231 - The Power of Finding Your People with Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische RETURNS!!!

There are few people who had a bigger impact on my creative career than Jessica Hische and I am SO THRILLED to have her back on the show. Jessica's approach to her side projects and creative career deeply influenced my biggest breakthroughs and I am SO THRILLED to have her back on the show for round 2!

If you don't know, Jessica is a New York Times Best Selling Children's Author and Illustrator, as well as a commercial lettering artist who works with the likes of Wes Anderson, Barack Obama, Apple and The Washington Post.

Jessica always brings so much energy and insight to our creative conversations and this one will not disappoint!!

We cover:

- The power of finding your people

- Leaning into the Slow Build Career

- The Struggle of Breaking into New Territory

- When and How to let critique influence you





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