229 - The 6 Step Process to Unlock Powerful Creative Business Momentum

What makes a good musician, writer or illustrator?

We’re told that it’s practice. Put in the time and you’ll become a master. But how many technically-masterful creative hometown heroes do you know that never even got close to making it?

Yes. They can shred the guitar like Hendrix. They can draw photorealistic portraits. They can write with perfect grammar and command a vast vocabulary.

They’ve put in their 10,000 hours...

And technically their craft is perfect...

But the art isn’t “good”.

So if it’s not about practice, passion, talent or skill, what’s the real foundation of great creative work? What’s it actually all about?

I believe the secret is hiding in plain sight, right under your nose and quite literally at the tip of your tongue but if you don’t know where to look for it you’ll never find it!

In this episode I want to share the idea that completely reinvented how I see creative work and my own creative super powers, and how I used this idea to develop a 6 Step process for unlocking your true creative business potential.



Chevy Chase The Washington Post Article



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