220 - 6 Tactics to Routinely Unlock Your Best Creative Self w/ Suzy Ultman PART 1

This two part conversation with my friend Suzy Ultman is sure to go down as one of our all time favorites in the Creative Pep Talk Podcast Hall of Fame!

It's no secret that I've been stressed out as of late, and that's part of the reason I reached out to my friend Suzy to be on the show. Suzy has this peaceful / intentional quality about her, and I invited her over to the studio to share her mental health secrets with us!

Not only is Suzy just a great person to be around, she has the double whammy of being an INCREDIBLY INSPIRING illustrator, story teller & product designer. Suzy's toys and books are so gorgeous that my wife and I have sprinkled them throughout our home and given them as gifts to our kids (and our kid's friends) on many occasions!

In this episode we have a long conversation about Suzy's methods for staying sane as an artist, her sister's passing from cancer, the right mindset to approach inspiration and much much more!

Suzy Ultman

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