246 - Embracing Your Essence with 'The Dark Crystal' Executive Producer Halle Stanford

Hello, World!

Today on the show we have the President of Television at the Jim Henson Company, Halle Stanford!!! For anyone who has listened to half an episode of this podcast knows how huge this is for us! WE ARE THE BIGGEST HENSON FANS!

Halle is the executive producer on the new Netflix series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and if you haven't seen it, go binge this thing right now! It's a creative masterpiece and a scale of puppetry the world has never seen before!

It was an absolute delight to sit down with Halle and pick her brain on all the creative insights she has gained over her years at Henson as a ten time Emmy nominated producer. This episode has a deeply special place in my heart and I am so lucky to get to know Halle! Halle has a soul full of hope and healing and is SUCH a perfect guest for our show! You are going to love her.



Halle Stanford

The Dark Crystal - Age of Resistance



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