193 - How to Win Dream Opportunities (Side Quest Series Pt 2)

It's noisy and no one wants to be sold anything anymore. No company is looking for new untapped talent, they just seem to sit back and wait for the "best" to rise to the top of the internet.

In this climate, how is a creative person supposed to break into a new market or win a new dream opportunity? Are we just at the mercy of people discovering us? Or can we actively make stuff happen in our creative careers?
In this episode, I want to share a strategy for developing work that can tackle these tough problems, and give you an edge for breaking through into your dream opportunities.

This is part 2 of our Creative Side Quest series. This series is about how to take a side project and add business and marketing strategy to transform it into a Creative Side Quest AKA your secret weapon for developing your creative career!

The Creative Career Path Handbook KICKSTARTER UPDATE!
We are over 200% funded on our Kickstarter!! In this episode I announce a new stretch goal: if we get to $10k I will make the handbook full color and add 12 pages of bonus content!
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Thanks to Alex Sugg for editing and the podcast!



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