188 - Why You're Off Track

Being a creative person is incredible... except when it's not. 

To be a pro creative you've got to work hard and be a professional, but playing that part can sometimes lead to ignoring your needs and emotions.

There's a secret I know about most creative people. They can look all cool and collected and pro when they need to, but behind that cool facade there is often a volcano of emotions. 

I know the truth about you... you're emo. You may not listen to My Chemical Romance (anymore) but you still struggle with nerves, insecurities, emotional exhaustion, self doubt, etc.

You can't just stuff all these feelings in the pursuit of being a professional, and here's why: this sensitivity isn't just a curse, it's your gift. This sensitivity to the human experience is one of your key superpowers!! In many ways, it's the secret to being a creative person! And that means you need to take care of it and even nurture it.

In this episode I want to share ideas and tactics that have helped me get into the right mental and emotional state to achieve what I think is my best creative work!

Psychology Today - Find A Therapist

Suicide Helpline - 1-800-273-8255



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