175 - Power in Your Story with Elle Luna & Lindsay Jean Thomson (The 100 Day Project)

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Creative Pep Talk is teaming up with Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thomson for The 100 Day Project this year!!!!!

In this episode, Lindsay and Elle both share how their personal stories have powerfully impacted their creativity and personal projects.

Lindsay walks us through her story of being diagnosed with breast cancer and how it impacted her writing and Elle shares about her new book, "Your Story is Your Power" and how and why she claimed her feminine voice.

We also talk the through the 100 Day Project and why it's such a powerful exercise for creative breakthrough.

The 100 Day Project (#the100dayproject) launches April 3rd, 2018 and I'm encouraging the CPT audience to join in. I will also be joining in with a 100 day project of my own!!
Use #the100dayproject and #cpt100day on instagram to join in!!

The 100 Day Project

Elle Luna

Your Story is Your Power

Lindsay Jean Thomson

Women Catalysts


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