169 - Courage to Be You w/ Emmy Winner James Pearse Connelly, Production Designer on The Voice

The further you go in your career, the easier it is to get stage freight. Whether it’s a your first conference call, a call with the creative team at Apple, or standing face to face with Adam Levine, you are going to encounter intimidating situations. And yet, you will only do your best work if you can show up in the moment unafraid of voicing your ideas and true opinions.

Today we have a super special guest, Emmy award winning James Pearse Connelly, production designer for shows like The Voice. James has worked with a myriad of superstars ranging from Billy Nye to Snoop Dogg(!). In this episode we dive into his journey of finding his people, his place in the world and how he’s developed courage to bring his real ideas to the table… even when it’s a table where Martha Stewart is sitting!

James Pearse Connelly



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