204 - Grow Your Instagram Following (& Other Important Things We Don't Want to Talk About)

There have never been more opportunities to build a thriving creative career, but if you sit back and play it cool, you will miss them.

I'm the first person to gag at the term influencer. I get it. I really really really do.

But while we sit back and in our gag circles, these influencers, podcasters, youtubers and Internet personalities are taking over the internet, the art world and even the government!

In this episode I want to share tactics of growing your reach online that are creative and driven by integrity... and most importantly they WORK.

Don't sit back with your arms crossed judging those on the dance floor and miss your chance cut some serious creative rug! All the while, enabling your biggest career breakthroughs.

In this episode:

- Tactics for growing your instagram following

- Influencer Life Coach Yoda

- Plot Spoilers for Toy Story 4 (YOU ARE NEVER GONNA BELIEVE THIS!)


FORBES: 3 Tips From The Latina Illustrator Who Jump Started Her Career On Instagram



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Thanks to Alex Sugg for editing and the podcast!




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