168 - The Power of Finding Your Audience

There are a million reasons we like to bury our heads in the sand and just get lost in our art, but if you want your creative business to consistently thrive for the long haul, you need to stay tuned in to the culture, where your audience’s attention is and what people are responding to in our work.

Can you imagine any business completely ignoring their audience / the market and succeeding long term? Can you imagine a stock broker that didn’t follow the stock market? I believe that creative professionals are partially called to be like stock brokers in the stock exchange, but instead dealing in the currency of culture exchange.

Ryan Holiday calls this ‘Product Market Fit’ in his book Growth Hacker Marketing, and in this episode we do a deep dive into WHY ignorance about your industry and culture in general is a terrible strategy and how to stay-tuned-in in such a way that you develop and evolve with your audience.


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