137 - How to Know if You're Going the Right Way (Part 1 of the Creative Destiny Series)

This episode is the definitive foundation of Creative Pep Talk and contains my favorite ideas at the heart of this show.

This is your creative destiny compass. In this episode we answer the question: what are the signposts pointing to my CREATIVE DESTINY? How do I know which direction will take me to  my full creative career potential.

Should you keep going on the path you’re on or do you need to try something else? Is it about grit or should you be pivoting? Just keep swimming or fail fast and explore something new?

My hope is that whenever you’re stuck asking these questions, this episode will be your guide.

This episode is the first part of our series on Creative Destiny AKA your creative career hero’s journey to reach your full potential. 

ALSO this episode marks a brand new chapter for the show, with new album artwork to commemorate our first 1 million listens!


Thanks to Yoni Wolf and the band WHY? for our theme music.

Thanks to my man Nate Utesch and his band Metavari for all the other tunes! soundcloud.com/metavari

Thanks to Alex Sugg for editing and the podcast!

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