128 - Solving Creative Block with 18 SUPER SPECIAL GUESTS!

I’m insanely excited to bring you this episode! This episode is jam packed with wisdom from 18 leading creative professionals. In fact, I’m just completely humbled to bring you these greats.

This episode will give you tried and tested answers to this question: what do you do when you’re feeling discouraged in your creative work? I know you’re going to find these answers and insights extremely helpful, but even more so, I hope you just feel encouraged to hear these masters struggle with the same things you do!

MASSIVE THANKS to these CPT friends for contributing to this episode and promoting the new CPT book. It’s a dream come true.

The Guests:
Aaron Draplin - http://draplin.com/
Meg Hunt - http://meghunt.com/
Dan Cassaro - http://www.youngjerks.com/ 
Little Friends of Printmaking - http://thelittlefriendsofprintmaking.com/
Chris Piascik - http://chrispiascik.com/
Stefan Sagmeister - http://sagmeisterwalsh.com/
Mary Kate McDevitt - http://marykatemcdevitt.com/
Nathaniel Russell - http://nathanielrussell.com/
Kate Bingaman Burt - http://www.katebingamanburt.com/
Chuck Anderson / No Pattern - http://www.nopattern.com/
Nate Utesch - http://nthnl.com/
Danielle Evans - https://marmaladebleue.com/
Darren Booth - http://darrenbooth.com/
Debbie Millman - http://www.debbiemillman.com/
Christopher David Ryan - https://hellocdr.com/
Sarah Walsh - sarahwalshmakesthings.com
Tad Carpenter - http://carpentercollective.com/
Teagan White - http://www.teaganwhite.com/

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