101 - How to Prove Your Creative Genius

We'd all love to have the creative fairy godmother grant us overnight success, but while you wait, why not stack the deck in your favor?

In this episode we talk about how to prove yourself as a 'creative genius'.

BONUS Interview at the end with Joey Ellis, Luke Flowers and Seth Worley!



Show Notes

Caught / turn yourself
Basquiat secret genius

As a creative progressional you are incompetent until proven genius.

Once your lucky, twice your good?
Once your lucky, twice your lucky, three times meh.

Seth Godin / Pick Yourself

Stack the deck

1. Commit the Crime - Make the Work
Walk the walk

Good will hunting
Non creatives
Ben Affleck

Examples value proof
- Editorial sell magazines
- Logo designer / start pro company / field notes
- Kids book author / kickstart
- Soundtrack short film
- CPT strategic content

2. Evidence - Metrics

Mike birbiglia - rotten tomatoes

Not lottery, paycheck - 
social media, pick one / two max
Sales / listens

3. Witnesses - Relationships

Quantitative - Ira Glass
Nothing's changed. SpongeBob. Vouch.

Build relationships : ppl still want to know you
Be you - hang out

4. Testify - Start reaching out.

Light the fuse.
Avoid bottle neck / Pixar
Shane snow
John lennon
Provide value where it's needed first

hide subjectivity.
Take the test

Easy to heckle / critique
Open mic vs audition

Steve Martin quote.



Joey Ellis

Luke Flowers

Seth Worley

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