095 - Find Your Focus with Andrew Neyer

095 - Find Your Focus with Andrew Neyer

The episode features my good friend and remarkably brilliant designer Andrew Neyer.

We talk about a range of things, including lessons Andrew’s learned about being a creative entrepreneur and the power of finding your focus and then going all in.

Andrew is first and foremost a product designer. His bread and butter comes from selling his own lights, home goods and accessories via www.andrewneyer.com but he’s also designed for the likes of CB2.

Andrew is also an artist and illustrator. He’s worked with a range of clients such as GE, Ogilvy and Lucky peach.

Dwell magazine recently ran a feature on Neyer, which you can read here:

Andrew Neyer is an American Artist & Designer.
He received his BFA in Printmaking from Maryland Institute College of Art, in 2008.
His products are simple, sculptural, useful, familiar and extraordinary.


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