098 - Become A Master

Last time we talked about finding your creative gold, this week we talk about how to refine that talent into something valuable to others.

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Show Notes

George Washington Carver Story
Stuck with Peanuts

Lorne Michaels
We can't hide behind art. It's not enough to find your value, you have to deeply understand it, refine it, wield it with mastery. This is what it means to be a pro.

David bowie
How do we take your creative peanuts, and turn them into creative peanut butter. Take these AKWARD to eat, messy chore into this power packed dense nearly liquid gold!

1. Grind -
Carver said to break it down and build it back up. Forget what you know.
- Particle - forget your market, forget your niche, forget your industry, forget art. Know you. Didn't know I was an illustrator until I knew my value
- Atom - study the greats. Read, meet the greats. Connect the dots. Know the lingo. Humble yourself.
- Compound - your fields fundamentals. Master the basics. Read the books, work out those muscles.

2. Add - we ain't serving that whole foods junk, this is commercial art!
- salt - keeps them craving, coming back more. Work on the weakness of your strength. Take that peanut of talent and turn it into a jar of power packed peanut butter.
- Sugar - wow factor. Gallery art is a mild mannered good old fashioned debate at the country club. We all speak in turn. Commercial art is a mosh pit. Gallery art is the colonial warfare, commercial art is guerilla warfare. If you want to get paid to do art for a living you have throw away subjectivity and subtlety. So many indie arts sit around complaining that know one cares, be so good they can't ignore you!
- Stablizer - ready to go on a moments notice. No stir. Warmed up. Coach knows you give every practice your all even if you're not getting any play time. Make make make piles and piles and piles of work. Glad well says 10k hours of the RIGHT kind of practice. Not just drawing or playing notes, the critical thinking. Not enough to run sprints and lift. You need o be working on the finer points of your jumper, you need to be working on your short game.

3. Package - 
Understand it, master it, then you need to be able to SELL.
Zig / selling teacher.
Not phony bull. Really articulate the ROI!
Cut the crap.
Buy your own product.

Presentation is everything. Violinist in subway.
Present yourself. Don't use authenticity as a crutch. Yeah those cockroaches are just my restaurants way of being authentic.

Lunch with my dad.
There's a science. There's a craft. Christophe Nieman. 
Yes there's a magic to creativity but even the boy who lived had to go to hogwarts!

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