094 - 10 Ways to Find Your Unique Artistic Voice

Nobody likes a copycat, but so much of creativity is about finding connections between preexisting things. The difference between copying and influence is a fine line.

In this episode I deliver 10 practices that will help you stimulate originality in your work, as well as encourage you to continue creating and growing even if you’ve made mistakes or don’t feel like your work is ‘original’ yet.

Show Notes

1. Fashion - Old new

2. Baby Approach - Combine

3. Get Messy - Experiment

4. Put Down the Google
Phone is in your hand

5. Nike - Just "Change" it

6. Develop Values
What do they do that you hate
Aesthetic vs concept

7. New Playgrounds
Gary Vee
Don't be Classy - picture books

8. Other Fields

9. Dig Deeper / not veneer
How, what, why

10. Get To Know You
Know what your not, attracted to opposite
Talk to others

David Bowie Quote

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Kirby Ferguson’s ‘Everything is a Remix’

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