090 - Is Being Cool Holding You Back?

Are You So Cool that You’re Poor?

This episode is all about the movie Mean Girls!

Let me be the Tina Fey to your Lindsey Lohan as we look at your portfolio and ask: are you hiding behind coolness? Are you playing it safe instead of being yourself? Is this causing your work to fall flat?

When we reject our ‘guilty pleasures’ we often create ‘innocent painfuls’, or work that is critically good, but doesn’t actually resonate with us or an audience.

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Deadpool - Innocent Painfuls

Mean Girls

1. The Right Friends
Mean Girls - 
When I was in High School

‘Don’t be romantic about how you make your money” - Gary Vaynerchuk

Don’t Chase the Hot New Sexy Thing - Bottleneck

Don’t Use Other’s Metrics

MJ wanted to play baseball - want what you don’t have
Not impressed with yourself

Enjoy the process + People Want It

Market is a segment of the industry where people make a their living.

Graphic Designer - Graphic Shapes and Random Text = Logos

Actors get type cast - it’s how they make a living.
Johnny Depp is cast as someone different.

2. Be True to Yourself
Mean Girls - Drops Math
Freaks and Geeks

TMNT not Foot Soldiers - Josh

An artist trying to fit in is like a chameleon who wants to stand out.
An artist trying to fit in is like a vegetarian butcher.

Grew Up in Mass Market

Rice Ball vs Sushi Ball

Freaks and Geeks - Didn’t care if everyone liked it, they wanted to be someone’s absolute favorite.

Weakness - Sloppy but into modernism
Logo Design - Coffee
Folk Musician - Comedian

3. Keep the Baby
Mean Girls - Makeup
Come home - not the same

Make it palatable.
Podcast is unique

Know the rules but break them

Style - Don’t Settle too Quick - Always Grow

Middle School - Mackenzie
High School - Taylor

Cool PPL like Insta - Fleeting

End up On Bus
GFs tease me

My wife adores me.

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