086 - If Your Work Isn't Working

Is your work good enough to slay the creative career dragon you have your sights set on?

Sometimes in our creative careers we hit a glass ceiling and we can't get any further. The problem is that everything that got us here, won't take us any further.

In this episode we talk about the fundamentals to great creative work, and how to improve each component. With all components firing at full capacity, your work will become a powerful tool that can break any career ceiling!

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Show Notes

Tree story

What got you here, won't get you there.

If you are stuck it might be the work.

1. Taste
Gordon Ramsey
Kind of restaurant:

Action: humble yourself before an authority. Force yourself to grow.
How can you improve palate?

Acquired tastes

You can go the furthest with good taste.

2. Skill
Learning the basics.

Skill share
Local classes
Practice - right kind 10000


3. Innovation
Restaurant: everyone's second favorite pizza - the dip / the best

Old New