084 - Don't Undersell Yourself

Welcome to the the Artiques Roadshow!

Knowledge is power… and money! Especially if you’re selling antiques! If you don’t know the value of what you have on your hands, you are likely to be ripped off!

Today on the show we compare the value of your creativity to that of a fine antique. We talk about picking (finding your value), restoration (honing it), appraisal (getting feedback) and auction (selling your work).

I believe that creatives massively sell themselves short - I hope this episode nudges you to gain confidence in your value and sell your work for what it’s worth!

Thanks to Yoni Wolf and his band WHY? for our theme music.

Thanks to Illustration Age for being our proud syndicate.

Thanks to Nate Utesch and Metavari for our other music! 

Show Notes
Car Dealer Story

Fear - Taxes Numbers Money / Truman
Self Worth - Misunderstood in School / 
Lies - Aversion to Business / Starving Artist / We’re Lucky

Businesses know you’re valuable. Getting paid for your value does not equal winning a prize.

The Artiques Roadshow - Neighbor
1. Picking - How to Find Your Value
2. Restoration - Honing Your Value
3. Appraisal - Getting Feedback
4. Auction - Selling Your Work

1. Picking - How to Find Your Value
Businesses Provide Value
Ask Yourself - 
When am I useful?
What specific value can my art provide?

Power of Creativity
Draplin Cobra Dogs
Serif - Law Firm

Don’t shy away from doing really small things well - CPT purpose

2. Restoration - Honing Your Value
Breastfeeding not Budget Bank Account
Every 6 Months Trash

Taste vs Skill Spectrum - Force Yourself to Grow
Eat your greens.

- Look back over the past 6 months. Identify what you don’t like.

- Take value from step 1 develop specific project where you practice this skill
- CPT or Art Directions
- Jean Jullien
- Schedule Twitter for Comics

3. Appraisal - Getting Feedback
Meeting Sophie - art school days.
You Need an Art Wife - Your Portfolio has Food in Its Teeth

- Email people you respect and ask - What’s missing? What’s not doing it for you? 
- Buy someone lunch
- Pay for it - serious value

4. Auction - Selling Your Work
Social Proof / Prove Yourself and They Will Sell to You
Rashida Jones - Celeste Jess - Toy Story 4
JJ Abrams - Lost - Star Trek - Star Wars
Become an artrepreneur - cut out the middle man - Draplin Coudal field notes
Scratch Your Own Itch
Invest in yourself - illustration is working online. Side Story.

Gary Vaynerchuk - The Market Decides
Articulating Your Value
Believing in yourself - Selling Encyclopedias door to door vs selling iphones
Ziglar - Tupperware - History Teacher

Dr Seuss nobody wants because nobody needs

Develop side business / project - low overhead - high creativity
Craft show - face to face - business cards
Nate Utesch trailer
Graphic designer - sell choc
B to b / prove yourself in b to c or actually cut out middle man and make a profit - bug’s life

End of Car Dealer Story
Partners not leeches

Wendy's - I'm not super special - I've broke through to find, hone, feedback and sell

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