082 - Creative Vaccine

Often the solution comes from deeply understanding the problem.

Whether we're anxious to prove ourselves or just too dang excited to get making stuff, it's easy to find yourself knee deep in a problem without knowing what you're trying to solve.

In the design process, the first step (and I would argue most important step) is “define the problem”.

Today we talk about the power of applying this first step to your day, your projects and your career.

We look at the top 3 diseases that kill a creative career, and find the solution by clearly defining the problem. Here are those dastardly diseases: creative career confusion, weak work and unproductive days

Show Notes

If you don't understand the problem you have nearly have no chance of finding the right solution.

Cbs news - crazy remedies
Mouse half / sympathetic magic mummies - pig brains
Spontaneous Generation

Germ Theory
Clarity you seek in your career is found in the problem.

Macro Level View
Dr Asking Questions
Cure of Career Confusion

Actions - 90% aspirational / 10% action
Nick story
Buy house matrix

Mid Level
Cure Weak Work
(Insert Story of Getting Started too Quick) hand glider for gi joe / boy meets world

Actions - 50% / 50%
website / fav color
Allow projects to serve micro purposes, not career

Micro Level 10% / 90%
Labs / Microscope
Cure unProductivitY
Jam Study

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