Here’s my guess: nothing is killing your career like FOMO aka ‘fear of missing out’

Recently I’ve been battling this in my own life. I knew that I had too many plates spinning and I could feel the impending sense of doom, i.e. the day all the plates come crashing down. I took some aggressive moves to consolidate / eliminate the distractions and buckle down on what I knew in my gut I needed to focus on.

This episode provides action steps for simplifying your career, so you can make the greatest impact.

Show Notes
Coin pusher analogy - you only have limited time and resources.
Essentialism by Greg McKeown - Push
No resources to maintain

Trust Your Gut, Not the Permission From Your Friends.
Get quiet. Plan a small get away, even a long walk.
What you’re listening for is your human brain, not your lizard brain.
Peace and inspiration not fear.
Process not Payoff.

2. See Self Awareness as a Live Document
Big Myers Briggs Fan, BUT…
Update your consciousness with the new info you’ve learned about who you are / your goals
Ask yourself this: what superpowers do you have? Machine analogy.

3. Consolidate or Eliminate Opportunities
Essentialism - 90%
Maybe you two you have things on your plate that can serve your central mission?

Hard Talks
Focus all energy to finish your plate. Kids analogy.

4. Let Go of Past Seasons
Bad Seasons easy to leave, Good Seasons not so much.
Identify where the ball is in play. Quit going back to the first quarter. The game is still on!

Payoff - Get the Most Out of It - Coloring Books - NOD
Peace - Power - Momentum
Let Go! - 90% Essentialism

Last note: you don’t have to let go of it all forever.
Power of ‘One Thing’ - Gary Keller / Jay Papasan - Weight Loss / Dominos

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