077 - Rethinking Self Promotion

Advertising is evolving to a better state. No longer are we allowing businesses to steal our time and attention without trading something return. How do we update our approach to promoting our work with this in mind?

Show Notes:
Brian Koppelman - The Moment

Rethinking Self Promotion

The domestication of the wolf.

Wolf to Dog -> Dogs Thrive, Wolves Endangered.

Business / Advertising evolving from parasitic to mutualism. 
Oceanic Creatures.

Attention Trade v.s. Attention Steal

A gift as advertising.

Ask better questions. Not how do make them give me this job, but how do I become so good they can’t ignore me.

Rethink or die!

1. Better not Louder
SO Good they can’t ignore you.

Realized that the better I became the more people shared it.

Vampire Weekend - Music too good not to catch on.

Dave Grohl & David Koppelman - Undeniably Good

What’s stopping you from getting your 10,000 hours?
There’s a anti - force

2. Allow Discovery
Specials Board in Restaurant - Desperate / Suspect
Quit direct marketing.
Favorite band via Postcard / Unsolicited Email

Do work for dream client / market / niche / audience.
Let the chips fall.

OK there may be a place for it - but not much of a place.

3. Right Place, Not In Their Face
Opening Bands
- Hang at the Garbage Dump / 
Coral Reef - The Safe Area

Opposite Power of the Internet - Geography / IRL has never been more important.

Conferences. Friends. Collaborations.

Provide Value to Your Peers.

4. Avoid the Bottleneck / Think Differently
Zoo - 
Pacers game.

Train yourself to identify of the moment urges vs authentic ones

Get out of the Arms Race
Hot Dogs - Kobayashi

Ask yourself - are you thinking like everyone else?
Could a slight compromise equal success?

5. Social Proof is Everything
Meritocracy on the rise.
Business has become more frugal.

Disney sequels.

Deadpool leak

Seth Godin - Tell 10 People

Bad news - winning the lottery less likely
Good News - You can earn your paycheck

The whole going out and making it happen with brute force sales plan is dead.
There is no forcing the consumer to watch this. You have to evolve.

Quit thinking that there’s this perfect way to manipulate your buyer.
Ask better questions.

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