075 - Be Your Own Client

One of the most clarifying questions you can ask yourself about your art is 'Do I like it'? Is your work your taste?

Let's get rid of those thoughts that distract you from making the work you love!

Show Notes:
Something I think about a lot: would these employees eat at this restaurant?

My work gets bad when I'm not tasting what I'm making. Gordon Ramsey

Mural kids room

Why: because you have to write what you know. When you start making for someone else's taste it's only skin deep - you only have intimate knowledge of your own taste buds - I hate mushrooms, how would ever know if a mushroom dish would be good for someone else?

There's an arrogance to thinking you can know someone else's experience w/o walking it.

1. Self Aware Not Self Conscious
Guilty Pleasures
Elevate a dish

2. People Pleasing
Crazy Long Menu
Don’t Be Afraid to Alienate People
Diamonds Next to Mood Rings

3. Stay True to Your First Love
Gordon vs crazy garnishes
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Disclaimer - you gotta try things that might be disgusting. Just don't put it on the menu!