073 - Trolls & Beanie Babies

Building a business on trends and taste is like building a house on quicksand.

It's easy to see the value in art forms like stand up comedy. How valuable is a stand up comic that can't make people laugh?

In some arenas of commercial art the value is harder to measure. What's the value of your creative business? In today's episode we try to figure this out.

Show Notes
Comedian who doesn’t know he supposed to make us laugh.

What is the point of illustration?

Talking Funny - 

Trends - Beanie Babie & Trolls

1. Define the Problem - 
Personal MBA Josh Kaufman - personalmba.com
- collect
- Attract
- Learn
- Defend
- Feel

Do unto others - scratch your own itch
Look at other art forms

2. Research - Study the Greats
Judd Apatow

3. Get on Stage / Workshop
Practice Test social proof
Measure your success - Find a Metric

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