071 - Hard Work > Talent

Flat Earth vs infinitely expanding universe
What is possible - moon landing

We think of ourselves like a flat earth. A finite puzzle piece.

In the past few years - expanding foam

Dr. Carol Dweck - fixed vs growth
Her TED talk

1.Have a Little Faith
They thought Columbus was crazy (maybe he was).

Daniel Fishel

Forbes 30 Under 30: Art & Style 2016

Audible - Stories that Surround You

3. Fun not Outcome
Rollercoaster vs Cross Country Move

Eric Molinsky /Imaginary Worlds

4. Go Past the Horizon
Chris Piascik

How do you motivate yourself to sail over the horizon?

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Today we featured "underclocked" by Eric Skiff
"Mouse trap" by Apache tomcat
"Night Owl" by Broke for Free
And "Kosmiche Slop" by Anenon

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