070 - Seasons

How confusing and frustrating would it be for a farmer to try and plant his crop in the off season? Or harvest when their vegetables have only began to grow?

Today on the show we talk about the differing seasons in your creative career and the power that comes from understanding them, identifying where you’re at and making the most of the season you’re in.

Cycle to the call to something more creatively fulfilling vs making money at it or success
Nothing kills motivation like confusion

1. Plant
Signs you’re in the planting season:
Dread / apathy about current work (not just boredom)
New Opportunities or paths emerge
Idea that doesn’t go away (Seth Rogen from Tim Ferris Podcast fourhourworkweek.com/2015/09/29/set…evan-goldberg/ )

What to give your focus:
Seed Selection
Clear goals
Understand the magnitude of the journey
Get super clear on the ‘why’

2. Grow
Signs you’re in the growing season:
Boredom / no reward
Fueled only by passion / dedication / curiosity / fun

What to give your focus:
Stay in touch with why
Enjoying the Journey
Giving it your all - like Rocky training

3. Harvest
Signs you’re in the harvest season:
$ enters the equation
Opportunities knocking on your door

What to give your focus:
Finish Strong

Jim Coudal creative mornings talk

4. Rest
Signs you’re in the rest or the ‘dead soil’ season:
You never want to touch this work again

What to give your focus:
Rome wasn’t built in a day
There was a time you’d have killed for where you are now

Understanding the seasons mean that the farmer doesn’t have to wake up everyday questioning everything or scrambling. There is peace and productivity to understanding the seasons of your career.

These seasons are cyclical. You don’t just do each season once. Some smaller parts of your career will cycle a few times a year. The larger parts tend to cycle slower over many years.